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Total Records: 1091   Page: 1 of 22   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
Under 15 Community Cup Final Playoff
Under 17's T20 Central
Under 17 2 Day
Under 12 Central
Under 12 North
Under 13 Central One Day
Under 14 Central One Day
Under 11 Central
Under 11 North
Under 15 Central T20
Under 15 2 Days
Under 13 North One Day
Under 10 North
Under 15 North T20
Under 14 North One Day
Under 17's T20 North
Under 10 Central
U13 Central 2 Day
U13 North 2 Day
Under 14 Central 2 Day
Under 14 North 2 Day
U13 Perth Scorchers Girls
1 Edwards, BenWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00000000000000000010000
2 Parsons, ThomasDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000010000
3 Sanders, JordanWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00002000000000000000000
4 Harris, TimWarwick Greenwood Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
5 Thompson, JosephOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
6 Emery, CameronWhitfords Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
7 Cantrill, JoshuaOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
8 Santich, Nicholas RLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
9 Zeplin, Ryan LLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
10 Christopher, KordellWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00100000000000000000000
11 Proctor, IssacWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00000000001000000000000
12 Bitmead, FionnKingsley Woodvale Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000001000
13 Fielding, Daniel HOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
14 Cunnane, XavierKingsley Woodvale Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
15 Laurie, PeterDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
16 Menagh, Sam WSorrento Duncraig Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
17 Jessani, SharadLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
18 de Bruin, ConradLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
19 Gorringe, TristanLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
20 D'Souza, SachinKingsley Woodvale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
21 Dabasia, MilanLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
22 Austin, BrodieLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
23 Cholera, KeshavLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
24 Neale, MasonDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
25 Rudrum, ConnorDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
26 Saunders, TaitSorrento Duncraig Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000100
27 Saunders, DominicSorrento Duncraig Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000100
28 Hilton, NicholasWarwick Greenwood Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
29 Hobley, Josh TLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
30 Grove, AdamDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
31 Gibson, JacobWhitfords Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
32 Abrehart, TomOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
33 Couzens, JackOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
34 Stevenson, CallumOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
35 Richards, MatthewWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00100000000000000000000
36 Henneberry, JacobWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00100000000000000000000
37 Sandhoo, KaranvirOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
38 Anderson, JamesQuinns Rocks Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
39 Coombs, EvanQuinns Rocks Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
40 Payne, MaxSorrento Duncraig Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000010
41 Yik, MitchellLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
42 Forte, ThomasLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000001000
43 Gorst, DanielOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
44 McQuade, EthanWarwick Greenwood Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
45 Snelgrove, TomDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000010000
46 Lague, CallumOcean Ridge Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
47 Demiris, Cameron JLandsdale Junior Cricket Club00100000000000000000000
48 Baldwinson, MaxDoubleview Carine Junior Cricket Club00000000000000000000100
49 Haddrill, JesseWanneroo Cricket Club Inc. – Junior00000000001000000000000
50 Appasamy, ShivenQuinns Rocks Junior Cricket Club00000000001000000000000
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Total Records: 1091   Page: 1 of 22   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10]>Next
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.