NWMCA History

The following is some information on the formation of the NWMCA as remembered by founding secretary John Ranford. 

I suspect the NWMJCA was formed in 1994 but cant be certain.
If there is a copy of the Constitution around you may be able to be more exact about this point. Here is the information as best I can remember.
The North West Metropolitan Junior Cricket Association was formed in 1994/95.
The WACA District clubs involved were Claremont Nedlands, Scarborough, Subiaco Floreat and Wanneroo. North Perth (now Joondalup)
 may also had an interest in proceedings.
The Junior Clubs (from memory) were Claremont, Floreat, Wembley Downs, Newman College, North Beach, Hamersley Carine, Duncraig, Kingsley,
Ocean Ridge, Wanneroo and Whitfords.
  The initial committee consisted of the following:
President.....................................Steven Fraser (North Beach)
Vice President                                  Brian Wood   (Warwick Greenwood)
Secretary                                          John Ranford (Duncraig)  Possibly also Treasurer
Association Registrar                     Patricia Berman  (Ex Wanneroo Assn. Registrar)
Committee Members
Keith Atkinson (Whitfords)
Doug McGregor (Wanneroo)
Ron Birmingham ( Floreat) and also an elected member of the WACA .
Keith McRobert (Ocean Ridge)
There may have been one or two more and I apologise for any omissions.
The Association was formed under a process driven by the WACA to ensure Junior players had a good opportunity to participate in better organised
competitions. The WACA Junior development Officers who were a great help in setting up the Association were David Clear and David Nicholls.
Prior to the formation of NWMJCA there were 2 Associations for Suburbs from Claremont to Wanneroo.  The Associations were Scarborough and Wanneroo.
Whitfords had teams playing in The Scarborough and Wanneroo Associations. Most Whitfords players who went on to senior District level  went to
the Wanneroo DCC.
Warwick Greenwood were a feeder club for then North Perth were in a similar situation to Whitfords.
With the formation of NWMJCA there were far better numbers of players and Fixturing for the various age groups became much more player friendly
by providing more options in the various age groups.
PARTICIPATION was the name of our Game. We introduced a twelfth man rule which allowed the twelfth man to participate instead of sitting
about for 2 weeks of the game.. He could bowl a maximum of 3 overs and could also bat no higher than number 8. To accommodate this rule it meant
a batsman could be retired and would be treated as not out. Once all ten wickets fell the innings was ended.
The main aim was for players to enjoy the game and not to be driven by Clubs/Coaches to win at all costs. Bad sportsmanship would also not be tolerated
with one Club refusing to allow a player to continue to participate for the balance of the season.
Under the able guidance of Steven Fraser the first few years were successful in creating a good environment for the benefit of junior cricketers under or banner.