CJCC Video- The way we play!

This video has been developed by the Western Australian Cricket Association and the Community Junior Cricket Council. The video is designed to outline Read more

4 ORJCC Hammerheads def Quinns Rocks
4 JKJCC Green def WGJCC U16 Boomers
4 SDJCC Vikings def SDJCC Stingers
3 ORJCC Hammerheads def by SDJCC Vikings
3 WGJCC U16 Boomers def Quinns Rocks
3 SDJCC Stingers def by JKJCC Green
2 ORJCC Hammerheads def WGJCC U16 Boomers
2 Quinns Rocks def by SDJCC Stingers
2 SDJCC Vikings def JKJCC Green
1 SDJCC Stingers def by ORJCC Hammerheads
1 WGJCC U16 Boomers def by SDJCC Vikings
1 JKJCC Green def by Quinns Rocks
1 Corey Griffin58U16s T20 Summer Comp2
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CJCC- The way we play!